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  • Bubba's Foods Vinegar Eel Strain (250ml)

Vinegar Eel Strain (250ml)

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Find out all about vinegar eels: an ideal live food for fish farming. Learn how to preserve and propagate your strain with our expert guide.

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Complete Guide to Vinegar Eels for Aquarists

Vinegar eels, tiny roundworms, are proving to be a valuable food source in the aquarium world, particularly for raising fry and small fish. Not only do they stimulate the healthy growth and development of your aquatic pets, but they also bring fascinating activity to your aquarium.

What are Vinegar Eels?

Resulting from acetic fermentation, vinegar eels (Turbatrix aceti) feed on bacteria and develop in media such as cider vinegar. Their microscopic size makes them perfect for the tiny mouths of many ornamental fish.

(Source: https://www.wifish.be/anguillules-du-vinaigre/)

Usefulness in the Aquarium

Vinegar eels are highly prized for their ease of farming and nutritional value. They serve as an ideal starter food for fish fry and some invertebrates, promoting rapid and healthy growth. to be given after the paramecia and infusoria alternating with brine shrimp nauplii.

Nutritional values

Rich in proteins and essential fatty acids, they offer a balanced diet that stimulates the immune system and improves the coloring of fish. Their supply of vitamins and minerals also supports the bone and muscle development of young fish.

Conservation and Maintenance of the Strain

Preserving a strain of vinegar eels is relatively simple. A mixture of 50% cider vinegar, 50% fresh water, and a quarter of sugar per liter, in a bottle with a very small hole in the cap (tip: put a little perlon in the hole to avoid parasites .). Add a small piece of apple to encourage their reproduction. Room temperature must be maintained to optimize their growth.

Strain Multiplication

To propagate your strain, divide the mixture regularly and transfer one part to a new container with the same growing medium. This method ensures a constant supply of live food for your fish.

Simplified Harvesting of Vinegar Eels: The Test Tube Technique

At BubbaShrimp.be, we are always looking for innovative ways to simplify aquarium keeping. Harvesting vinegar eels is crucial to providing a rich, natural diet for your fish. Discover our practical guide to using the test tube and perlon method, an easy and effective approach.

Why Choose the Test Tube Method?

Harvesting vinegar eels can be tricky without the right technique. The test tube and perlon method, recommended by Bubba, allows you to harvest these microscopic worms without contaminating your aquarium with vinegar. It is ideal for maintaining a healthy diet for your fry and micro-fish.

Necessary material

  • Test tube or small cylindrical container
  • Perlon (aquatic filtration wadding) or dense cotton
  • Vinegar Eel Culture Container

Easy Harvest Steps

  1. Tube preparation : Fill half a test tube with the vinegar containing the eels.
  2. Inserting the perlon : Place a small piece of perlon at the surface of the vinegar mid-tube, gently fill the rest of the tube with clean water, preferably from the aquarium.
  3. Transfer and patience : Leave the tube long enough for the eels to be attracted by the oxygen in the water and rise to the upper part.
  4. Harvesting and feeding : Once a sufficient quantity has been gathered, using a pipette or syringe collect the first half of the tube containing the water and distribute the eels into your aquarium.

Advantages of this Method

This harvesting technique is not only simple and economical but also ensures a healthy and continuous food source for your fish. It prevents the risk of imbalance in your aquarium by avoiding the introduction of vinegar.

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