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  • Bubba's Snail Notopala sp. Orange Spotted

Notopala sp. Orange Spotted

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Snails discovered by Chris Lukhaup, Notopala sp. Orange Spotted is a species of exotic freshwater snail that is distinguished by its beautiful orange spots.

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Notopala sp. Orange Spotted - Exotic Freshwater Snails

Notopala sp. Orange Spotted is a species of exotic freshwater snail that is distinguished by its beautiful orange spots. They are native to Southeast Asia and are popular in aquariums for their unique appearance and their role as algae eaters.

Origin and Habitat of Notopala sp. snails. Orange Spotted

These snails were discovered in Papua, they mainly inhabit rivers, streams, ponds and swamps. Their natural habitat is characterized by fresh, calm waters with abundant vegetation.

It was Chris Lukhaup who discovered and popularized the Notopala sp. Orange Spotted and contributed to their recognition in the aquarium world, this constitutes an important contribution to our understanding of these snails. Aquarium enthusiasts like Chris Lukhaup often play an integral role in discovering, describing and disseminating fascinating aquatic species to enthusiasts around the world.

Key Features

The Notopala sp. Orange Spotted are distinguished by their conical shells, dark, black, sometimes blue bodies ( Viviparus sp. Blue Berry ) adorned with bright orange spots. Their attractive colors make them popular in freshwater aquariums. They are also effective at controlling algae growth, making them excellent members of the aquatic ecosystem.

Aquarium Care

To keep these snails healthy in the aquarium, it is essential to monitor water quality, provide a balanced diet, and create an environment conducive to their natural behavior.

Water parameters

Water parameters should be maintained within appropriate ranges, including temperature, pH and water hardness. Make sure the water is clean and well oxygenated.

T°: 22 to 28°C,

GH: 5 to 22°dGH

KH: 3 to 15°dKH

pH 6.5 - 7.5


The Notopala sp. Orange Spotted are excellent algae eaters. Notopala snails graze on periphyton and other algae present in the aquarium.

You can supplement their diet with algae pellets, mineral supplements (recommended when using technical soil, and/or injecting CO² and/or water with a KH less than 5) or vegetables. fresh, like spinach, carrots. Be careful, the smaller the container, the quicker you have to remove the "fresh" vegetable, for example, a slice of carrot in 10 liters for 2-3 hours. (beware of zucchini)


Create an enriching aquatic environment with live plants, hiding places and climbing surfaces. These snails love to explore and climb on aquarium decor. Natural cellulose products serve as surfaces, hiding places and also as food.

Reproduction of Notopala sp. Orange Spotted

The reproduction of Notopala sp. Orange Spotted can occur in aquariums under appropriate conditions. They are part of the Viviparidae family, their embryos develop in capsules inside the mother's uterus. This produces fewer embryos, but its ovoviviparity ensures a better chance of survival for each of them.

The Notopala sp. Orange Spotted are fascinating exotic freshwater snails to keep in an aquarium. Their unique appearance and role in algae management make them valuable additions to any aquatic environment. Make sure you provide the proper care to ensure their well-being and prosperity.

(Source: AI, Wikipedia, Internet)

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