Bubba's Shrimps Caridina Shrimp - Crystal Red SSS


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Crystal red shrimp with an opaque white - SSS grade: Maru, Double Hinomaru, No Entry, Halfmoon ...

pH 5.5-6.8
KH 0-3
GH 4-8
T ° 20-27 ° c
Shrimps living on Technical Soils. ideal for getting started with caridina

Adult shrimp measure 2-3 cm. Sold 10-12mm

The female has a larger abdomen than the male and sports an orange-yellow patch behind the head, corresponding to the ovarian sac. This develops when the female reaches sexual maturity, between the 3rd and 4th month after birth. Rather, shrimps evolve at the bottom of the aquarium. The female reproduces only after a moult. After mating, her ovarian sac descends under her abdomen and eggs form in it. Their coloring can vary from yellow to green or even to brown depending on the maintenance conditions (food, soil, etc.). The female will often oxygenate them throughout the incubation period (25 days on average) by stirring them. It gets rid of non-viable eggs by expelling them. The others remain firmly attached thanks to a transparent sticky paste that binds them together. Once the juveniles are formed, the female expels them from her abdomen. They are then a carbon copy of adults, in miniature.

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